90's - Home Video Collection Vol.5 America -

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  • 90's - Home Video Collection Vol.5 America -

  • Artist: PBS Chicago
  • Year: 1991
  • Duration: 60:00
  • Country: United States
  • The 90 s is people, places and ideas from around the world, fast-paced, entertaining irreverent, funny and thought-provoking reports from the creative edge of the video age.
    *-SYLVIE, Esti Marpet
    *-WASHINGTON OUTSIDER by Eddie Becker
    *-90 s PEOPLE-Peter Schwartz of Global Business Network by Starr Sutherland
    *-TARZAN ANDERSON, by Jum Mulryan
    *-WAGON HO, by Bianca Bob Miller
    *-SLICES OF A STRIKE, by Manhattan Media
    *-LAURA FLANDERS, by Rosalyn Baronio
    *-SUPER BARRIO, by Che-Che Marinez/Marco Vinicio Gonzalez
    *-TODD ALCOTT, Skip Blumberg
    *-WILLIS CONOVER, by Eddie Becker
    *-ALEXANDER KOSOLAPOV, by Esti Marpet
    *-LEGAL SERVICES, by Skip Blumberg
    *-ALBERT, by 90 s resident critic
    *-HAITI, by Ludger Balant
    *-JOE BEGLEY, by Applashop
    *-IL GORINI, by Don Reed
    *-VIETNAMESE IN AMERICA, by Fred Bridges

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