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TitleArtistDurationYearCountryAcc. #
Oboade Dance And Drum Ensemble Seattle Parks And Recreation 29:00 1974 United States 186
Video Inn Dance Sampler Michael Goldberg 30:00 1974 Canada 185
Fontevrault Aux Paysans Richard Garrido (et-al) 13:00 1974 France 0184b
Sur Les Pas De Baudelaire Richard Garrido (et-al) 20:00 1974 France 0184a
Lip En Greve Alain Magron 33:00 1973 France 183
Vancouver Co-op Radio C.R.T.C. Application Palladin Portapacks 20:00 1974 Canada 0182
Junk Photo Exhibition Taki Bluesinger 25:00 1971 Canada 0181b
Portfill Metro Media 14:00 1972 Canada 0181a
Beemaster's Short Course John Korner 55:00 1974 Canada 180
Killer Whales And Friends Paul Spong (et-al) 18:00 1973 Canada 179