Fresh Talk: Youth & Sexuality Series

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  • Fresh Talk: Youth & Sexuality Series

  • Artist: Craig Berggold
  • Artist: Teresa Marshall
  • Year: 1991
  • Duration: 87:00
  • Country: Canada
  • FRESH TALK: YOUTH & SEXUALITY SERIES - FRESH TALK turns on the power of young adults - challenging the censorship of their experience & expression. FRESH TALK is youth talking to youth - empowering communication by naming feelings sothat other young people may gain positive appreciation of their own sexuality. Thirty young people, ages 15-24 years, speak out with humor & insight on how their sexuality is influenced by family, gender roles, sexual orientation, economics, religion, media and more. A documentary in four parts:

    1. IMAGE - issues include culture and media influence, gay identity, breaking stereotypes.
    2. RESPONSIBILITY - gender roles, pregnancy and parenting, safer sex, HIV, STD s and AIDS.
    3. POWER - sexisim, racism, homophobia and sexual abuse.
    4. PLEASURE - masturbation, fantasies, eroticizing the whole body.

    FRESH TALK began with an 8-day empowerment workshop facilitated by Headlines Theatre. Creating a safe community for themselves, 25 young people used role-playing games to examine their sexual experiences. Each young person was then asked to identify issues s/he wished to speak to on video.

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