Infermental: Part One- Satellite Control

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  • Infermental: Part One- Satellite Control

  • Artist: Western Front Video
  • Artist: Infermental
  • Year: 1987
  • Duration: 60:00
  • Country: Canada
  • INFERMENTAL: PART ONE, SATTELITE CONTROL - INFERMENTAL, the first international magazine on videocassettes, was conceived in 1980 by Gabor and Vera Body as a type of encyclopedia for new art tendencies. The New World Edition is the first edition to be produced outside of Europe at Western Front.

    Satellite Control Part One.
    Who controls control? People in outer space circles talk about Satellite Control. No individual or group can control this control system. On the other hand, it does not control itself. It is out of control. No-one is quite sure how the system functions. But these videotapes begin to give us a picture.

    Seoul Brother; Skip Blumberg, 1986. Transitive Four; John Goff, 1986. The Double; Ken Feingold, 1986. a Dedication To Lee Choon-Sop; Lauriie McDonald, 1984. Flash Information; Jean-Claude Ruggirello, 1986. What is This.; Rafael Montanez Ortiz, 1985. Dienstag; Volker Anding, 1986. Flying Insects; Taeko Kitajima, 1986. As Seen On TV; David Rimmer, 1986. Graven Angst; TV

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