Infermental: Part Six- Cross Cultural Tv

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  • Infermental: Part Six- Cross Cultural Tv

  • Artist: Western Front Video
  • Year: 1986
  • Duration: 60:00
  • Country: Canada
  • INFERMENTAL: PART SIX, CROSS CULTURAL TV - This special feature of INFERMENTAL VI was conceived by Hank Bull and Anthony Muntadas as a survey of world television. Individuals were invited to send us one or two of their local television. We received roughly 60 hours of raw material fro, 30 artists in 15 different countries. This material was carefully viewed and identified as News, Sport, Drama, Publicity, Music, etc.

    This is a videotape abou television. It is fragmented, personal view. It is only one of the many possible ways to explore television. This is a videotape about the cosmetics and packaging of television. It is about EDITING. It presents the work of a chain of editors: The Cameraman, the Correspondent, the Satelllite, the Videotape Editor, the Broadcaster, the Anchorman, the Viewers (who recorded this material), the Editors (of this videotape), and You, the Viewer.

    List of contributors is available in the file.

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