Yellow Peril - Ati Ati Han

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  • Yellow Peril - Ati Ati Han

  • Artist: Marlin Oliveros
  • Artist: Yellow Peril
  • Year: 1986
  • Duration: 7:00
  • It is June 12, 1986, a hot and sweaty day in Lineta Park, Manila. The tape is a closeup recording of an impromptu celebration over the fall of Marcos. Scantily dressed men with body paint form the drum corps in a loose circle around men in grass skirts, costumes and loin cloths. Some of them are painted blue, some appear cross-dressed in contemporary Western makeup. It is an odd pagen/late 20th century high energy ritual. They dance provocatively to the rythm of drums, They jostle with each other and for the camera. It is fun and they are happy.

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