Eye of the Storm

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  • Eye of the Storm

  • Artist: Constantine Katsiris
  • Artist: Ian Ross
  • Year: 2021
  • Duration: 18:24
  • Country: Canada
  • "Eye of the Storm" is an integrated audio & video piece by Vancouver-based artists Constantine Katsiris and Ian Ross. Inspired by avant-garde cinema, this work was originally intended for presentation as a live performance in a theatre context in order to achieve the necessary visceral and synesthetic effects that can be experienced through surround sound coupled with large projections.

    The sound palette for this work incorporates raw data, digital sound synthesis, and live sampling of electromagnetic waves, shortwave radio and VLF frequencies, while the video component consists of audio-reactive animations that are layered and mixed live. We are able to improvise within this framework, and therefore the work has been different with each iteration. A screening version was produced for exhibitions when live performance of this piece was not an option, during the COVID19 pandemic.

  • Accession #: 7168
  • Distribution Status: In Distribution
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