A high-speed contemplation for fellow motorcyclists

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  • A high-speed contemplation for fellow motorcyclists

  • Artist: Byron Black
  • Year: 2010
  • Duration: 10:05
  • Country: Indonesia
  • A motorcycle tour of western Lampung Province, the southernmost region on the island of Sumatra, allows the narrator an opportunity to reminisce and acknowledge the psychic changes he is experiencing as he enters his eighth decade. A professional motorcycle road racer and motor journalist, he has been riding fast and hard since beginning at Suzuka Circuit in 1963, and has taken trophies and survived competition in Colombia, Japan, Thailand, Canada, the USA (Riverside, Willow Springs, Daytona, Vacaville), Europe (the Isle of Man Senior TT Race, the Ulster GP, a tour by Norton down to Tehran) and in a return to racing in Indonesia, where he now resides. While demonstrating the style of hard, fast riding he narrates how he is '…losing my taste for danger…'.

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