I is for Idle No More

  • I is for Idle No More

  • Artist: Sarah Shamash
  • Year: 2013
  • Duration: 9:15
  • Country: Canada
  • “I” is for Idle No More is part of a larger modular video alphabet project. “I” is for Idle No More is a portrait (as opposed to landscape) format video, meant to be shown as an installation either projected on a screen with audio or on a vertical monitor with headphones.

    This video poster for “Idle No More” was inspired by the young students at the Native Education College, that are engaged, often for the first time, in having their voices heard by Canadian society and the Canadian government. This video poster presents three voices, and three faces of individuals talking about their viewpoint on and involvement in the Idle No More movement.

    Project, camera, editing, sound recording: Sarah Shamash
    Sound mix: Inaam Haq
    Poster graphic design: Carlos Colin
    Featuring: Eva Billy, Carlos Colin, Janice Thomson


  • Accession #: 5321
  • Distribution Status: In Distribution
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