New Acquisitions Winter 1999 tape 1

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  • New Acquisitions Winter 1999 tape 1

  • Year: 1999
  • Duration: 60:00
  • Country: Canada
  • EXQUISITE CORPSE (Una Knox 6:00 1999)
    A compilation of visual interpretations of stories written using the Surrealist Exquisite Corpse Method.
    SHE S A DIVA (Sheila James 4:00 1998)
    A comic narrative set to an original tangoesque song, telling the story of womanizing hero who is put in his place by a beautiful diva.
    FOOTPRINTS (Paul Manly 6:00 1999)
    Using the manipulation of the video image as a metaphor, Manly transforms serene natural settings into urban chaos in this poignant meditation on our destruction of the environment, and our feelings of powerlessness to stop it.
    ME FIRST (Elizabeth MacKenzie 7:00 1999)
    The maternal themes of renunciation and self-denial are taken up and ultimately rejected as they are played out over the top of the endless cycle of caring for a baby.
    SHUET YING: A STORY OF MY MOTHER (Gordon Wong 4:00 1998)
    An animated tribute to the artist s mother and her enduring belief in love.
    BUILDING HEAVEN, REMEMBERING EARTH (excerpt) (Oliver Hockenhull 10 :00 1999)
    This poetic, visual and musical journey through the developing art and science of architecture provides a cross-cultural and comprehensive approach to the language of architecture.
    BOX NUMBER (Ani Kalemkerian 15:00 1999)
    BOX NUMBER documents Ani Kalemkerian s interviews with six men and women who have used phone dating services.

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