New Acquisitions Winter 1999 tape 2

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  • New Acquisitions Winter 1999 tape 2

  • Year: 2023
  • Duration: 00:00
  • THE DOLLHOUSE DIARIES (Rae Staseson 6:00 1999)
    This tape is an exercise in the construction of memory, suggesting that one s relation to one s own past remains an ongoing act of the imagination.
    HOLY DOG (Judith Norris 7:00 1999)
    A traditional music video story about Horse Nations and personal and cultural healing.
    SUPERCAT (Mary Cross 3:00 1998)
    A mother s ode to her young daughter and to the girl she once was.
    HEAVEN (Heather Frise 6:00 1999)
    A meditation on violence set to a song by Ella Fitzgerald.
    HEIRS TO A FELT FORTUNE (Michael Turner 8:00 1998)
    A found 8mm black and white porno-loop from the late60 s is the backdrop for a meditation on pornography and the history of its participants.
    BORN UNDER SURVEILLANCE (Chris MacKenzie and Paul Wong 2:00 1999)
    Fifty words extracted from an essay on the history of video art are presented in the original order, then alphabetized and reversed.
    RAPT AND HAPPY (Emily Vey Duke and Cooper BAttersby 14:00 1998)
    RAPT AND HAPPY is a personal narrative told in anecdotes, made up of 16 short pieces. Combining drawings, animation, performance, and experiments with typography, its tone is both comical and sad, and its construction innovative and layered.

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