Robot Pavlov Sputnik

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  • Robot Pavlov Sputnik

  • Artist: Oliver Hockenhull
  • Artist: 
  • Year: 2014
  • Duration: 07:23
  • Country: Canada
  • This is a confluence of intent and a revisiting of an iconic animation
    by Norman McLaren -- "Synchromy" 1971.McLaren's "Synchomy" is an early form of machine art, a formal modernist gesture revealing & reveling in the immediate transparency of code and signal, a chimerical fantasy of speculative references--prophetic futurism reading itself, speaking itself. Robot Pavlov Sputnik reinterprets and composits the morphic quality of code, its slippage and variability, creating a highly saturated abstracted wave ocean horizon/sunrise pulsed imagistcally by the musical track.

    Composited clips:
    A) "Devils Girls From Mars"(1954),
    B) Pudovkin's "Mechanicsof the Brain"(1926),
    a study of Pavlov's classical conditioning experiments
    C) Animation Sputnik launch (1957)

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  • Distribution Status: In Distribution
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