VERB FRAU TV: Season 3

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  • VERB FRAU TV: Season 3

  • Artist: Margaret Dragu
  • Year: 2015
  • Duration: 27:07
  • Country: Canada
  • Recorded at LIVE! Biennale 2015, hosted at VIVO Media Arts Centre, Margaret adops a reporter persona to enquire into the care, feeding, health and other body/mind/spirit concerns for the travelling artists as well as asking about their creative processes towards creating performance art.  She asks festival attendees the tough questions, such as, "Should perfomers wear shoes?", "How are you sleeping?" and "What's in your suitcase?"

    E01:How do you know when a performance/aktion is done? 2:32
    E02:  What's in your suitcase? 1:45
    E03:  What does the word 'performance' describe best?  2:39
    E04:  What is the favorite performance you have seen and/or made you cry? 2:53
    E05:  Daily yoga, 1:17
    E06:  From the VIVO Archives Part 1, 2:39
    E07:  What is the worst response your work has received? 4:27
    E08:  How are you sleeping? 4:35
    E09:  From the VIVO Archives Part 2, 1:40
    E10:  From the VIVO Archives Part 3, 1:05
    E11:  More daily yoga, 1:35


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