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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Sour Grapes: Patriarchal Heritage1972Women s Involvement Program16In Library Only0056a
Our Choice: A Tape About Teenage Mothers1984Women s Media Allinace37In Library Only1275
Liberation Media1972Women's Involvement Program27In Library Only0056b
Chute1979Woodland Video10In Library Only0868
Soft Pallet1979Woodland Video20In Library Only869
Artifacts1986Woody Vasulka21In Library Only1302
Vasulkas Early Experiments [2/2]1971Woody Vasulkas30In Library Only101
Let It Be1971Woody VasulkasIn Library Only0223a
Don Cherry1971Woody Vasulkas18In Library Only0224a
Iceland1971Woody Vasulkas14In Library Only0224b
Disks And Shapes1971Woody Vasulkas32In Library Only225
Elements Pulsating Scape Expression2023Woody Vasulkas28In Library Only226
BC Hydro et ses projects du Site C et de Hat Creek1981Yan Geofroy28In Distribution1600
Flow1993Yau Ching (a)38:00In Distribution1988
Video Letters #1- 2- 31994Yau Ching (a)12:00In Distribution2139
Ideal/na(rra)tion1994Yau Ching (a)4:00In Distribution2138
Diasporama (Part I): Dead Air1997Yau Ching (a)87:00In Distribution2250
Is There Anything Specific You Want Me to Tell You About?1991Yau Ching (a)12:00In Distribution2137
God Save The Houses1973York University31In Library Only0057a
Young Adults Demo 19771977Young Adults15In Library Only659
Mary Jane's Diary-a Primer On A Super Herb1976Youngstown State University25In Library Only542
Michael Lewis1976Younstown State University29In Library Only543
Nu Shu: A Hidden Language of Women in China1999Yue-Qing Yang58:32In Distribution2445
Sliammon Program1976Yves Langlois30In Library Only580
Petit Prince [1/2]2023Yves Trepanier50In Library Only318
Petit Prince [2/2]2023Yves Trepanier20In Library Only319
CR's On Strike1984Yvonne Dignard56In Library Only1281
Living Tree1993Zachery Longboy1In Library Only1969
Water Into Fire1994Zachery Longboy10:00In Library Only1974
From Another Time1990Zachery Longboy10:00In Distribution2694
Eating Lunch1992Zachery Longboy12:00In Distribution2695
Confirmation of My Sins1995Zachery Longboy12:00In Distribution2696
Stone Show1999Zachery Longboy8:53In Distribution2697
Living Tree1993Zachery Longboy0:30In Distribution2698
Water Into Fire1994Zachery Longboy10:30In Distribution2699
ƒcoute S'il Pleut1993Zainub Verjee7:30In Distribution1967