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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Shoes1985Robert Hamilton2In Library Only1316c
Aniputer Demo #11985George A. Lessard22In Library Only1316d
Banff Improv1985George A. Lessard12In Library Only1316e
El Nino1985Vaerkstedet Vaerst17In Distribution1318
Conformity1985Darrell Varga8In Library Only1319
State Of The Arts1985Gary Marcuse9In Library Only1351
Moon's New Fury1985Paula Levine11In Distribution1353
Rally For The Arts1985Karen Henry29In Library Only1358
Untitled - A Tape About Memory1985Susan Rynard4In Distribution1365
Wallace & Theresa1985Jan Peacock9:00In Distribution1371a
Commercial Culture1985Popular Projects5:00In Distribution1371b
Filling The Boxes Of Joseph Cornell1985Laurie McDonald9:00In Distribution1375a
Echoes Of Death1985Lydia Schouten9:00In Distribution1380
As a Wife Has a Cow1985Cornelia Wyngaarden40:00In Distribution1382
True Life Romance1985Marty St. James6:30In Distribution1414c
More Than A Paycheque: Health And Poverty In East Vancouver1985Harris Taylor29:00In Distribution1415
Salmon1985Glenn Patterson2In Distribution1433
Three Worlds- Part I: WaveformsCorrosion1985Laurie McDonald23:00In Library Only1459
Wild Life1985John Goss39:30In Distribution1468
We Want Moshiach Now! Portrait of a Chassidic Community1985Paula Levine60:00In Distribution1477
Journey1985Ruby Truly7:30In Distribution1484
La cí darem la mano1985Arturo Cubacub4:00In Distribution1486a
Old Dresses1985Tess Payne14:42In Distribution1500
Zona De Dolor I1985Diamela Eltit5:00In Distribution1504a
Zona De Dolor II1985Diamela Eltit15In Library Only1504b
Zona De Dolor III1985Diamela Eltit15In Library Only1504c
Padre Mio1985Diamela Eltit9:00In Distribution1504g
Paz Para Sebastian Acevedo1985Lotty Rosenfeld2:00In Distribution1504k
Confidencias1985Solidad Farina6:16In Distribution1508c
700 Planos Para Kafka1985Sandra Quilaqueo24:00In Distribution1508d
Somos +1985Pablo Salas12:00In Distribution1510
Kipling Trilogy: The Jungle Boy1985John Greyson15:00Special1511b
Kipling Trilogy: Kipling Meets The Cowboys1985John Greyson22:00Special1511c
Geovid1985Scott Robinson3:00In Distribution1529b
Phosphorous Diode: Part 2 Of 21985Various38In Distribution1557
Vietnam: Talking To The People1985Jon Alpert52:00In Distribution1559
Proxemics1985Lynn Hershman5:00In Distribution1561b
Chinese Cafes In Rural Saskatchewan1985Anthony Chan26:00In Distribution1573
Dance Reading1985Margaret Dragu23In Distribution1671
Flying Morning Glory (on fire)1985Skip Blumberg4:00In Distribution1771b
Elephant Games1985Skip Blumberg34In Distribution1777
Gunfighters1985Catherine Elwes6:00In Distribution1782c
That's It- Forget It1985Branda Miller4:00In Distribution1825b
Yellow Peril - Chinese Cafes In Rural Saskatchewan1985Anthony Chan26Special1878
Still Sane1985Brenda Ingratta60In Library OnlyW0096
Sleeping Tape1985Margaret Dragu13In Library Only2066
"record Date: July 1- 1985"1985Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV57
"record Date: April 1- 1985"1985Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV58
"record Date: October- 1985"1985Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV80
Record Date: December 19851985GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV83
Electronic Diary #1- 2- 31985Lynn Hershman Leeson60:00In Library Only2427
Mainstreet Drag Ball1985In Library Only1564
Jennifer (knows They're Watching)1986Avril Dishwa2In Library Only1298
Artifacts1986Woody Vasulka21In Library Only1302
Untitled1986Ken Kuramoto14In Library Only1307
Joolz - Live At Gangland Studios1986Cutting Edge52In Library Only1320
Road To Tlalocan- I Want To Have Fun Now- and To Live on Your Knees1986Ivo Zanatta15In Distribution1352
Hot Chicks on TV1986Elizabeth Vander Zaag6:30In Distribution1363
Absence1986Su Rynard5:00In Distribution1364
Rise and Fall of an Empire1986Joe Sarahan11:00In Distribution1367
Catie1986Dean Brousseau25:00In Distribution1368
Survival: Still The Issue1986Melodie Calvert25:00In Distribution1369
Homelands1986Paul Wong7:00In Distribution1373
Qu'est Ce Qu'un Homme Peut Faire?1986Clive Robertson26:00In Distribution1374
Red Child1986Michael Goldberg14:00In Distribution1383
History1986Randy & Berenicci10:00In Distribution1394
Peep Show1986Eric Metcalfe10:00In Distribution1405
Iron Heart...An Industrial Romance1986Marty St. James8:30In Distribution1414a
No Escape From The Flesh Pad1986Marty St. James7:30In Distribution1414b
Luminous Sites1986Video In60:00In Distribution1420
6-6-6- O'Clock News1986Patrick Hughes12:00In Distribution1442
Money Talks - Bullshit Walks1986Rodney Werden36:00In Distribution1445
Moscow Does Not Believe in Queers1986John Greyson27:00In Distribution1446
Dream Voices, Day Voices1986John Galloway6:30In Distribution1447
Marriage Of Yasushi1986Mako Idemitsu23:00In Distribution1461
Forgotten Fictions1986David Finch19In Distribution1471
Echoes Of Death/Forever Young1986Lydia Schouten13:00In Distribution1474
Wa/Ran (Order/Chaos)1986Paula Levine5:00In Distribution1478
Strangest Dream1986Laura Lamb12In Distribution1480
Orbit1986Arturo Cubacub3:00In Distribution1486b
Kappa1986Bruce Yonemoto26:00In Distribution1488
Ati-Ati-Han1986Marlin Oliveros8:30In Distribution1489
Home Street1986Gerry Kisil8:00In Distribution1490
All Orientals Look The Same1986Valerie Soe2:00In Distribution1494a
Ma1986Kate Craig16:30In Distribution1497
Ay De Los Vencidos1986Lotty Rosenfeld2:15In Distribution1504l
Diamela Eltit1986Gloria Camiruaga5:00In Distribution1506b
Palabra De Mujer1986Lotty Rosenfeld10:00In Distribution1507b
Core1986Terry Harasym6In Distribution1514a
Blind Faith1986Terry Harasym6In Distribution1514e
Time To Time1986Rob Milthorp5:30In Distribution1518
Ascent Of Man: Parts 1, 2 & 31986Jayce Salloum18:30In Distribution1520
Learning About Feminine Sexuality1986Wendy Geller3In Distribution1540a
Rebecca At 281986Lynn Hershman28:00In Distribution1562a
Confessions Of A Chameleon1986Lynn Hershman10:00In Distribution1562b
He's Like1986John Goss24:00In Distribution1566
Virtual Cockpits Of Tomorrow1986John C. Goss10In Distribution1567
New Music America1986Laurie McDonald58:00In Distribution1569
Bulimia: Out Of Control Eating1986Michael Doherty23:00In Distribution1575
Elephant Shrine At Rama Vi Bridge1986Byron Balck14In Distribution1590a