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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
sin∞fin - Performances at the Holy Centre2011VestAndPage37:14In Distribution5386
sin∞fin - Performances at the End of the World2010VestAndPage38:52In Distribution5387
Fair and Lost2013Francesca Fini5:24In Distribution5388
I am Into Your Fire2011Orland Gray Nutt3:50In Distribution5037
Crosscuts2011Tijmen Hauer4:00In Distribution5014
Documents for Vancouver’s Folded Timeline2012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte6:32In Distribution5384
The Snows2014Russell Wallace5:21In Distribution5378
Oppenheimer Park 22014Russell Wallace2:35In Distribution5379
Upstream2014Russell Wallace2:23In Distribution5380
Vice Versa2014Robert Hamilton2:39In Distribution5377
General Public Identity2014Robert Hamilton1:08In Distribution5376
Waterside (The Crossing)2014Russell Wallace2:38In Distribution5381
Interstitial Stillness2012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte93:00In Distribution5382
In-Between2012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte28:11/21:11/15:51/16:39In Distribution5383
South East False Creek2012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte21:11In Distribution5383a
North East False Creek2012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte28:11In Distribution5383b
Olympic Village 12012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte15:51In Distribution5383c
Olympic Village 22012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte16:39In Distribution5383d
Sissy2014Jen Crothers03:01In Distribution5373
Blush2008Jen Crothers03:48In Distribution5372
Mario2014Tess Martin02:56In Distribution5371
SaltWalks: Three Movements2014Randy Lee Cutler21:16In Distribution5370
Willow Snake2014Martin Borden04:41In Distribution5369
The Weaver’s Circle2013Martin Borden09:52In Distribution5368
Doing My Rounds, Checking Some Rounds2013Emily Pelstring05:54In Distribution5367
The Alicorn2013Inflatable Deities08:05In Distribution5366
Mother Daughter Bake - Off2014Lorna Boschman06:42In Distribution5365
Anamnesia - What’s a sentient being like you doing in an incarnation like this?2013Byron Black 66:05In Distribution5364
Anamnesia - Year of the Strike, Hour of the Knife2013Curated by Donato Mancini120:00In Distribution5363
Anamnesia - Dispatches: of wrested resumption, in time and area2013Curated by Cecily Nicholson70:00In Distribution5362
Burials & Borders2013Paula Levine53:00In Distribution5334
One Night in Florida2013Tess Martin1:00In Distribution5361
Outspoken: Is the Village Dying?2013Mark Kenneth Woods49:00In Distribution5360
Blue Skies + Sunset2013Brian MacDonald5:25In Distribution5359
A Brief History of the World2012Brian MacDonald6:38In Distribution5358
You Are A Lesbian Vampire2008TJ Cuthand3:17In Distribution5357
Sight2012TJ Cuthand3:33In Distribution5356
Boi oh Boi2012TJ Cuthand9:15In Distribution5355
Just Dandy2013TJ Cuthand7:37In Distribution5354
Belated Eulogy for My Father2013Brian MacDonald2:24In Distribution5353
Supa Ficial2013Michael Venus5:20In Distribution5352
Speaking Mother Tongues2007Elizabeth Vander Zaag25:00In Distribution5351
DOA - RIP2013Flick Harrison6:00In Distribution5348
A Moving2013Flick Harrison9:45In Distribution5349
Anonymoose2012Flick Harrison3:30In Distribution5350
In Transit2013Wayne Yung6:33In Distribution5347
Part of the Cycle2013Tess Martin7:49In Distribution5346
Snail2011Stuart Pound01:00In Distribution5345
Chase2012Stuart Pound9:26In Distribution5344
Grandmother Is A Crab2012Stuart Pound02:00In Distribution5343
Black & White2013Stuart Pound6:22In Distribution5342
About The River God2013Stuart Pound8:46Special5341
Foetus2013Stuart Pound01:00In Distribution5340
.. All That Passed2013Stuart Pound00:55In Distribution5339
Body. Cake. Lake.2013Michael V. Smith2:50In Distribution5338
convergence2000Paula Levine9:00In Distribution5337
24 hours on 24th Street1994Paula Levine24:00In Distribution5336
eastwest1992Paula Levine24:00In Distribution5335
What Self-Knowledge Is2011Paul Kajander12:19In Distribution5333
The head that will soon become a skull is already empty II2012Paul Kajander6:43In Distribution5332
The head that will soon become a skull is already empty I2012Paul Kajander6:26In Distribution5331
Portals2013Margaret Dragu13:43In Distribution5330
Hula Hoop2012Tess Martin1:30In Distribution5329
Coyote X2013Terry Haines13:02In Distribution5328
Kudok2013Cindy Mochizuki5:30In Distribution5327
Shiro Yagi2013Cindy Mochizuki12:00In Distribution5326
I Love My Friend2013Michael V. Smith3:20In Distribution5325
Wolf Lake: (Matt Rader)2013Michael V. Smith3:20In Distribution5324
Beast2013Michael V. Smith2:30In Distribution5323
Snowball2013Tess Martin1:50In Distribution5322
I is for Idle No More2013Sarah Shamash9:15In Distribution5321
B is for Bathtub2013Sarah Shamash1:00In Distribution5320
A is for Aerial2013Sarah Shamash2:38In Distribution5319
Apple Computers2013Nick Briz31:21In Distribution5318
Intersections2013Emilio Rojas23:00In Distribution5317
;ization ;izer ;ized2013Emilio Rojas14:92In Distribution5316
Still Life2013Tess Martin1:23In Distribution5315
Laying Awake2013Elijah Hasan8:07In Distribution5314
Cycho2013Elijah Hasan18:09In Distribution5313
Behavioural Issues in Bed2013Frederick Cummings2:19In Distribution5132
A Message2013Clark Nikolai5:55In Distribution5128
Aux baisers de l’aurore2013Clark Nikolai3:15In Distribution5129
Exempli Gratia2013Clark Nikolai2:46In Distribution5130
Sanity For Beginners2013Jan Derbyshire12:15In Distribution5131
They Look Right Through You2013Tess Martin9:05In Distribution5127
Lady Justice and the Epic Burden2013Margaret Dragu5:28In Distribution5126
Bill Is A Photographer2013Clark Nikolai9:34In Distribution5125
Mastery and Dominance: Crow Serenades Primates at Play 2006Byron Black1:34In Distribution5124
Throw?2010Byron Black2:13In Distribution5123
Pijat Tanduk 2007Byron Black2:59In Distribution5122
Aggressive Expression: Parakansalak to Bangbayang by KLX250 2012Byron Black14:08In Distribution5121
Padang Cermin - Aquaculture Raft2010Byron Black5:11In Distribution5120
Merdekera2005Byron Black3:13In Distribution5119
Life's a Dream 2012Byron Black1:13In Distribution5118
Konser Kakilima Banjir Ciliwung 2012Byron Black2:35In Distribution5117
K4-See Mambo 2011Byron Black11:23In Distribution5116
Gloria Gorilla Yakults it Up 2010Byron Black6:45In Distribution5115
A high-speed contemplation for fellow motorcyclists2010Byron Black10:05In Distribution5114
Eci really wants to get her message across 2012Byron Black00:41In Distribution5113
i love my skin2012Terry Haines4:13In Distribution5112