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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Peter Randazzo1974Visus36In Library Only482
Petit Prince [1/2]2024Yves Trepanier50In Library Only318
Petit Prince [2/2]2024Yves Trepanier20In Library Only319
Petrus et Lupa1995Clark Nikolai2:48In Distribution2257e
Peuk Nepi - Meeting Waterwoman2004James Nicholas5:16In Distribution2829
Phases1984Susan Rynard4In Distribution1366
Phoenix is a Cunning Cunt1998Roisin Mongey6:00In Distribution2325
Phoenix Observed1971Educational Television Ontario20In Library Only826
Phonebook1998Christine Stewart10:00In Distribution2286
Phosphorous Diode: Part 2 Of 21985Various38In Distribution1557
Photographer's Diary2001Wayne Yung26:00In Distribution2538
Physics of Love1998Diane Bonder24:00In Distribution2321
Pick Up Your Feet: The Double Dutch Show1981Skip Blumberg28:00In Distribution1623
Pie y Cafe1984Jan Peacock5:00In Distribution1421
Pier Group Mural Company1974Ardelle Lister30In Library Only332
Pilchuk Workshop Highlights1973Buster Simpson28In Library Only108
Pimp & Ho : Adventures in Queersploitation2001Mark Kenneth Woods9:00In Distribution2744a
Pimp & Ho : License To Queer2002Mark Kenneth Woods18:00In Distribution2744b
Pimp & Ho : Queer Fashion Crime Models2002Mark Kenneth Woods13:00In Distribution2744c
Pimp & Ho: Sissy Sins2005Mark Kenneth Woods10:00In Distribution2853
Pimp & Ho: Terror In Pansy Hills2005Mark Kenneth Woods10:00In Distribution2837
PINK2003Michael V. Smith3:20In Distribution2772
Pink Comb2007lamathilde3:56In Distribution3015
Pink Fairy2006Juli Saragosa7:00In Distribution2967
Pink Floyd - Part 12024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM078
Pink Floyd - Part 22024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM079
Pink In Public1993Andrew James Paterson20:00In Distribution2004
Piranha Farms1979Bruce McCrimmon30:00In Distribution0865
Pirated!2000Nguyen Tan Hoang11:00In Distribution2690 U
Pis Pas Rien Que Du Cote Des Garderies1977Cine-Videobec30In Library Only681
Piss for Chris1999Frederick Cummings3:45In Distribution2616e
Pixel Vision2024Eric SaksIn Library Only2372
Pizza 2221994Jonathan Wells15:00In Distribution2536
Plan Mayardville2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM201
Planetarium - Levi - Vrb (tape 1 & 2)2024In Library OnlyW0081
Planification Urbaine1974Dominique Belloir25In Library Only545
Play1986Catherine Elwes4:00In Distribution1782d
Play Therapy With Marion Saltman1972James Frederick Housel30In Library Only74
Pleasure Zone2005Dayna McLeod18:00In Distribution2851
Plein du vide (Full of Wide)1980Michel Bonnemaison52In Library Only1272
Plug1997Monique Moumblow4:00In Distribution2452c
Plum Sauce2001Karen Tam9:00In Distribution2891
PNN2006Donna Szoke6:30In Distribution2895 e
Pocahontas: Transworld Remix1998Ho Tam4:20In Distribution2294b
Poet In Person197629In Library OnlyW0052
Poetry Reading At Metro Media - Part 12024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM209
Poetry Reading At Metro Media - Part 22024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM210
Poetry Readings2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM036
Point 21974Jean Pierre Poirier16In Library Only353
Point Grey And Environmental Discussion1971Metro Media45In Library OnlyM183
Pointe Equal Rights Movement vs Samuel Cohen Realtor1973Gwen Bassen25In Library Only0448
Poly-filla1980Ken Kuramoto31In Library Only889
Poontang Video Comix1972Johnny Video Tape20In Library Only0042b
Pop Songs2002Meesoo Lee38:00In Distribution2660
Popsicles1984Gloria Camiruaga5:00In Distribution1506a
Porn 22024In Library OnlyW0095
Pornography: A Respectable Lie1980Women in Focus30In Library OnlyW0111
Portable Channel - Compilation Tape2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM052
Portable Video In Vancouver1975Richard Ward28In Library Only299
Portfill1972Metro Media14In Library Only0181a
Portrait1977David Moore21In Library Only0697a
Portrait Of 3 Chinese-american Women2017Asian-American Workshop28In Library Only354
Portrait Of Tim Porter1978G. Berteig15In Library Only811
Possibly in Michigan1983Cecelia Condit12:00In Library Only1867
Post Card1986Catherine Elwes4:00In Distribution1782f
Post-Mortal Ejaculation2003Jeremy Drummond5:00In Library Only2765 D
Postcards1972Peter Berg29In Library Only29
Potatoes1982Elizabeth Vander Zaag11:00In Distribution0981b
Pour Faire Changement [1/2]1974Tahany Rashed48In Library Only245
Pour Faire Changement [2/2]1974Tahany Rashed18In Library Only246
Pour Moi- Vous Etes Aussi Exotiques1979Patricia Plattner22In Library Only771
Pour Une Civilisation Creditiste1973Marie Chamberland20In Library Only156
Power Flick Chronicles1972Allen Frederickson17In Library Only107
Power Play1984Hummer TV28:00In Distribution1218
Praise The Marys2003Mark Kenneth Woods3:00In Distribution2746
Preschool Years: An Alternative .01976Jan Abbey17In Library Only563
Press Gang1974The Media Mothers20In Library Only527
Press Gang Publishers2024Pat Feindel7In Library Only833
Pretty Pink Sweater1997Joel Baird1:03In Distribution2438h
Prevention Tank2003Jeremy Drummond6:00In Library Only2765f
Preventive Medicine1978Ben Fairless15In Library Only796
Primal Therapy2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM174
Prime Cuts (PW)1981Paul Wong20:00Special1030
Prime Cuts (WF)1981Western Front Video20:00Special1030
Prime Time1981Laurie McDonald5:00In Distribution1093b
Private Eyes1987Lisa Steele18:30In Distribution1498
Private Property2007James Diamond6:00In Distribution2959
Privatgeschichte1978Gabor Body25In Library Only1232b
Probe1994Shawn Chappelle7:00In Distribution2238d
Problèmes d'argent1972Jean-Paul Morisset31In Library Only0037a
Processed Images1975Walter Wright12In Library Only0645f
Profiles Of Women1972June Boe15:00In Library Only0018a
Programs In Dance #41975Visus Foundation18In Library Only517
Proposicion Para (entre) Cruzar Espacios Limites1983Lotty Rosenfeld4:00In Distribution1504j
Prospect Place1984Joyan Saunders29:00In Distribution1240
prosthetic territories2000Tagny Duff13:00In Distribution2478
Prostitution Debate [1/2]1974Rick Holyoke60In Library Only438
Prostitution Debate [2/2]1974Rick Holyoke60In Library Only439
Proxemics1985Lynn Hershman5:00In Distribution1561b
Public Access To N.e.b.1980Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM217a