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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Message Sent2012Terry Haines4:49In Distribution5111
This Lane is our Lane - Revisited2012Terry Haines4:32In Distribution5110
Going Strong2012Marina Dodis10:07In Distribution5109
untitled part 5:all is not lost but some things may have been misplaced along the way…2012Jayce Salloum110:00In Distribution5107
untitled part 6: upon the resonance/weight of histories2012Jayce Salloum146:45In Distribution5108
You Live and Do Me No Harm2011Emma Waltraud Howes11:30In Distribution5106
An Archive of Accident Gestures2011Emma Waltraud Howes38:00In Distribution5105
God's Eyes2012Harkeerat Singh Mangat24:23In Distribution5103
Action2011Harkeerat Singh Mangat17:41In Distribution5104
The Heist2010Andrew Jack7:05In Distribution5102
A Walk in the Woods2012Tess Martin1:00In Distribution5101
Supa Stition2012Michael Venus2:26In Distribution5100
Supa Natural2012Michael Venus3:21In Distribution5099
Supa Sonic2001Michael Venus4:16In Distribution5098
Supa Showfolk2001Michael Venus3:10In Distribution5097
Supa Girl2001Michael Venus4:18In Distribution5096
Supa Hot2001Michael Venus2:58In Distribution5095
Supa Fun In The Sun2001Michael Venus3:23In Distribution5094
Supa Horror2001Michael Venus2:37In Distribution5093
Supa Powers2001Michael Venus2:31In Distribution5092
Supa Imposed2001Michael Venus2:34In Distribution5091
Seminal2012Bren Ryder10:24In Distribution5090
Time Code2012Stuart Pound1:00In Distribution5089
Music Box2012Stuart Pound1:00In Distribution5088
A WOMAN FROM THE PAST, MUCH LOVED2012Stuart Pound1:25In Distribution5087
Breath Dance2012Stuart Pound4:10In Distribution5086
Footwork2012Stuart Pound1:00In Distribution5085
Dancing Man (Ismailia)2012Stuart Pound1:10In Distribution5084
Fountain (Rooms)2012Stuart Pound1:00In Distribution5083
Laundry2012Stuart Pound1:00In Distribution5082
DIE NEBENSONNEN2012Stuart Pound2:24In Distribution5081
ein, zwei, drei 2012Stuart Pound1:00In Distribution5080
Walking2012Stuart Pound1:00In Distribution5079
Fountains2012Stuart Pound4:01In Distribution5078
DANCE 0 - 192012Stuart Pound3:22In Distribution5077
Times New Român2012Stuart Pound1:00In Distribution5076
software2012Stuart Pound1:17In Distribution5075
The Temple of the Sacred Lady Crayon goes percussion1984Clark Nikolai6:53In Distribution5074
Them F*ckin' Robots2011Ine Poppe53:00In Distribution5073
PARIS 19942012Nicolaos Stagias 2:30In Distribution5072
Ungendered Pronoun2012Ayaz Kamani5:00In Distribution5071
The Whale Story2012Tess Martin3:36In Distribution5070
Finish Line2011Gina Pei Chi Chen13:00In Distribution5035
Freewheel & Fixie2012Lee Henderson7:32In Distribution5069
look_im_azn2012Nguyen Tan Hoang5:35In Distribution5068
(Dis) location - Sampa2011Sarah Shamash42:00In Distribution5067
Well Done2012Paul Wong6:34In Distribution5065
Vigil 5.42012Paul Wong8:29In Distribution5064
The Hotel2012Paul Wong17:13In Distribution5063
The Fallen2012Paul Wong4:19In Distribution5062
Set Fires2012Paul Wong4:25In Distribution5062
Scorched2012Paul Wong8:50In Distribution5060
Sally2008Paul Wong8:00In Distribution5059
Running in a Maze2008Paul Wong3:00In Distribution5058
Ooooo Canada2010Paul Wong28:34In Distribution5057
Luminous Pollution2011Paul Wong1:00In Distribution5056
Last Year2010Paul Wong6:23In Distribution5055
Exit Upon Arrival2010Paul Wong2:45In Distribution5054
Enter The Dragon 1973- 20082010Paul Wong5:58In Distribution5053
EastVan “John”2008Paul Wong38:00In Distribution5052
Easter Parade2010Paul Wong5:34In Distribution5051
Downtown Eastside2010Paul Wong8:00In Distribution5050
Dovetail2010Paul Wong2:49In Distribution5049
Diamondback2008Paul Wong5:00In Distribution5048
CHELSEA HOTEL Room 2072008Paul Wong8:00In Distribution5047
Car Crash2010Paul Wong4:18In Distribution5046
8th Avenue2010Paul Wong2:38In Distribution5045
7 Day Activity2008Paul Wong8:30In Distribution5044
Garden2010Yi Xin Tong7:18 / 8:25In Distribution5043
In The Two-dimensional Field of Retrospective Future2011Yi Xin Tong2:24In Distribution5066
The First Breath of a Withered Plant. the Last Glance of a Being Rock 2011Yi Xin Tong3:00In Distribution5042
Schwanzfilm2011Wayne Yung5:38In Distribution5033
Canadian Time 22011Christine Kirouac4:30In Distribution5039
Don't Go Away2011Christine Kirouac25:15In Distribution5040
Kitchen Semiotics2011Randy Lee Cutler16:00In Distribution5036
Bunny2011Seth Poulin 10:40In Distribution5038
Treviano e la Luna2011Clark Nikolai10:10In Distribution5032
Mineral Intelligence2010Marina Roy10:00In Distribution5027
Notik Masowan2010Frederick Cummings4:49In Distribution5024
On Location 2: Four Double Bills2011Michael Turner22:00In Distribution5029
On Location 1: Elvy Del Bianco's Annotated Film Collection2011Michael Turner11:00In Distribution5028
I Got You Under My Spell 2: Bon Appetit Mr. Landlord, Please Lower My Rent2011Maya Suess4:52In Distribution5031
I've Got You Under My Spell 1: Radical Transmutation Forcefield Song2011Maya Suess4:52In Distribution5030
What's It Like?2011Pablo Griff1:44In Distribution5023
You Happy?2011Pablo Griff2:36In Distribution5022
Shore Leave2011Pablo Griff5:48In Distribution5021
Plain Face2011Tess Martin10:42In Distribution5013
By Being Painted2010Orland Nutt2:02In Distribution5012
Elegant Things2010Orland Nutt2:07In Distribution5011
Only When I2010Orland Nutt0:48In Distribution5010
Dear Peter2009Orland Nutt1:40In Distribution5008
Equanimous Passage2009Orland Nutt6:26In Distribution5007
Trinity of Three Dragons2008Orland Nutt8:42In Distribution5006
Buffalo to the Moon2007Orland Nutt1:20In Distribution5004
You Come Home To This2006Orland Nutt5:35In Distribution5003
Goat Chase Raccoon2005Orland Nutt1:20In Distribution5002
Volleys2002Orland Nutt2:55In Distribution5001
Landscapes2009Laurel Degutis6:36In Distribution4099
You Make Me Iliad2011Mary Reid Kelley14:47In Distribution4098
Beauty Plus Pity2009Emily Vey Duke14:26In Distribution4097