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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution1 a- b
Brian + Virginie2008Brian MacDonald3:33In Distribution3028
Apartment2004Eric Deis1:49In Distribution3027
From The Ground Up In Order, Embrace2007Nick Briz1:39In Distribution3026
GREYCON42007Brandon Blommaert6:36In Distribution3025
Checkpoint2007Alex Mah12:00In Distribution3024
Carnegie Centre Opening1980A. KruminsIn Library Only0049
Food Co-op [2/2]1974Metro MediaIn Library Only220
Let It Be1971Woody VasulkasIn Library Only0223a
Instant Death1974Ace Space CompanyIn Library Only278
Swampwater1977Penny JoyIn Library Only0663a
Daddy- Are We Alive Or On Videotape?1977Penny JoyIn Library Only0663b
Work Your Body2009Gay Men's Health CrisisIn Distribution1750b
Pumps Special Collection1979PumpsIn Library Only.01SC
All Our Lives2023Cinema GuildIn Library OnlyW0003
Robin Morgan: Ubc Lecture2023In Library OnlyW0014
Crtc Task Force Hearings1977In Library OnlyW0023
Seven Sisters Show2023In Library OnlyW0024
Transition (caroline)2023In Library OnlyW0026
Outward Bound2023In Library OnlyW0027
Gap Transfer1987In Library OnlyW0028
Dorothy Todd Henaut Speaks1987In Library OnlyW0029
Women's Rally2017Women in FocusIn Library OnlyW0038
Women In Focus #72023In Library OnlyW0050
Folkets Bio2023In Library OnlyW0055
Women In Bc: Program #22023In Library OnlyW0057
"take Her- She's Mad"2023In Library OnlyW0068
Kelowna Foster Parents Association: Bill Mussel2023In Library OnlyW0078
West End Reference Group2023In Library OnlyW0080
Planetarium - Levi - Vrb (tape 1 & 2)2023In Library OnlyW0081
Roots2023In Library OnlyW0082
Family Support Workers (prince George)2023In Library OnlyW0088
Oaths2023In Library OnlyW0089
Images - Stereotypes2023In Library OnlyW0092
Images - D.t. Outside2023In Library OnlyW0093
Images - Kids And Comics2023In Library OnlyW0094
Porn 22023In Library OnlyW0095
Wcfvs Promotional Tape2023In Library OnlyW0100
Strathcona Open House1973Gas ProductionIn Library OnlyW0101
As The Family Falls Apart1975Dyan DunsmuirIn Library OnlyW0102
Falaise Park2023In Library OnlyW0103
Rosemary Sunquist: Child Abuse1977In Library OnlyW0104
Lynd Drescher: Child Abuse1975In Library OnlyW0105
Dinner Speech2023In Library OnlyW0106
Music2023In Library OnlyW0107
Maintenance Tape2023In Library OnlyW0109
Images - Voice2023In Library OnlyW0112
Feminist Perspective On Pornography: Strategies...2023Kingston Pornography CollectiveIn Library OnlyW0113
Feminist Perspective On Pornography: Cultural Lies2023Kingston Pornography CollectiveIn Library OnlyW0116
Guiditta Tornetta: Limits And Limitations1982In Library OnlyW0118
Yo Soy Eine Kleine Shopkeeper1993Margaret DraguIn Distribution2021
Rare Blood1988Byron BlackIn Distribution2087e
Monodramas: Eye On You1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092b
Monodramas: I'm Not Gary1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092c
Monodramas: Encampment1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092j
Monodramas: Guilty 1 (hiro)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092e
Monodramas: Up1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092f
Monodramas: Guilty 2 (jennifer)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092g
Monodramas: Disagree1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092h
Monodramas: Guilty 3 (billy)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092i
Monodramas: Stadium1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092j
Record Date: Red Cross #12023GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV41
Record Date: Red Cross #22023GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV42
Record Date: ? Pacific Wave #52023GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV47
"record Date: November 11/83- Dr. Kevin Cahill #2"1983GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV50
Record Date: ? Magic Time2023GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV56
"record Date: February 16/81- Robin Tyler Special"1981GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV61
"record Date: August 28- 1981- Forbidden Fruits"1981GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV62
"record Date: September 13/84- Verlena Werlurmute"1984GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV63
"record Date: July 28- 1984- Verlena Werlurmute"1984GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV64
Record Date: ? Pacific Wave Red #22023GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV65
Record Date: ? Bloolips Outtakes2023GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV73
Record Date: ? Preliminary Edit2023GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV74
Record Date: ? Titles2023GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV75
Record Date: December 19851985GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV83
Burnaby Mountain Dance Company2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM001
Burnaby Mountain Dance Company2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM002
Burnaby Mountain Dance Company2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM003
Burnaby Mountain Dance Company2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM004
Burnaby Mountain Dance Company2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM005
Aerial Theater2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM006
Restaurant2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM007
Hermann Ortago - Chilean United Front For National1974Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM008
Allied Part 12023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM009
Allied Part 22023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM010
Papandreou Part 12023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM011
Papandreou Part 22023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM011a
Richard Nixon1974Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM012
Quebec At Crisis1970Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM013
Quebec At Crisis1970Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM014
Kits Area Council1972Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM015
Crtc2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM016
Crtc2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM017
Crtc2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM018
Crtc2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM019
Zimbabwe2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM020
Karate Demonstration2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM021
Violence2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM022
Vancouver Peoples' Law School2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM023
Vancouver Society For Total Education2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM024