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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Body Without Organs2008Giada Ghiringhelli14:22In Distribution3064
This is Dedicated2008Heather DiPietro7:50In Library Only3061
Easter Everywhere2008Jeremy Todd68:00In Distribution3062
I'm So Happy2008Sarah Shamash5:16In Distribution3070
The Adventure of a Photographer2008Sarah Shamash9:12In Distribution3069
Warrior2008Terry Haines6:30In Distribution3068
Up the Rabbit Hole2008Asa Mori5:00In Distribution3067
Sleeper2004Marina Roy8:05In Distribution3029
Through Another’s Lens1998Brian Kent Gotro5:02In Distribution3035
The Final Cut1999Brian Kent Gotro1:15In Distribution3036
120999041900 (the murder of god and the arrival of the human)2000Brian Kent Gotro3:10In Distribution3037
God is a Canadian2000Brian Kent Gotro1:38In Distribution3038
Crippled Communication Resolved2001Brian Kent Gotro4:23In Distribution3039
Briefcase on Fire2001Brian Kent Gotro2:50In Distribution3040
Running Toward Consequence2001Brian Kent Gotro2:41In Distribution3041
eleven2003Brian Kent Gotro6:40In Distribution3042
A 60 Second Video2003Brian Kent Gotro1:00In Distribution3043
ID Error2004Brian Kent Gotro3:44In Distribution3044
burth2004Brian Kent Gotro6:57In Distribution3045
Untitled (2 telephone messages)2004Brian Kent Gotro4:06In Distribution3046
absence presence place2004Brian Kent Gotro3:21In Distribution3047
mouth trick2004Brian Kent Gotro2:40In Distribution3048
Mood2005Brian Kent Gotro4:41In Distribution3049
00:17:06:47 > 00:00:30:002006Brian Kent Gotro0:30In Distribution3050
the notion of self (in 30 seconds)2007Brian Kent Gotro0:30In Distribution3051
BEACH2008Brian Kent Gotro3:20In Distribution3052
RESONANCE MARK2008Brian Kent Gotro3:41In Distribution3053
VIDEOtapeRBG2008Brian Kent Gotro3:15In Distribution3054
VIDEOtapeRBG2008Brian Kent Gotro3:15In Distribution3054
VIDEOtapeRBG + Owen2008Brian Kent Gotro5:15In Distribution3055
WALK2008Brian Kent Gotro1:00In Distribution3056
Incident2008Oliver Hockenhull9:16In Distribution3057
This Lane Is Our Lane2008Terry Haines6:44In Distribution3058
Cybernetic Love Triangle2008Brendan Baudat2:30In Distribution3059
Water Squatters (Thinking and Living Outside the Box)2007Leon Kaplan1:15:00In Distribution3060
Hey F*** Face2008Amber Dawn4:15In Distribution3034
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution1 a- b
Brian + Virginie2008Brian MacDonald3:33In Distribution3028
Apartment2004Eric Deis1:49In Distribution3027
From The Ground Up In Order, Embrace2007Nick Briz1:39In Distribution3026
GREYCON42007Brandon Blommaert6:36In Distribution3025
Checkpoint2007Alex Mah12:00In Distribution3024
Tattoo2023Larry Gale28In Library Only0233
Kick The World No. 12023Nobuhiro Kawanaka17In Library Only0815
Noisy White Fever2020Michitaka Nakahara23In Library Only0572
B.C. Environmental Council2020Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM111
My Two Grandmothers- Her Great Grandfather- And Me2020Leila Sujir31:00In Distribution1942
Michelin Bill - The Workers' Story2019Bill McKiggan30In Distribution1464a
Fun With A Sausage2019Ingrid Wilhite15:00In Library1469a
L'Ingenue2019Ingrid Wilhite14In Library1469b
Chief Dan George2019Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM053
Birthday2018Chris Mullington0In Distribution1630a
Cory Cory2018Jumpstart13In Distribution1714a
The Buck Stops Here2018BC Coalition of the Disabled17In Distribution2025
Portrait Of 3 Chinese-american Women2017Asian-American Workshop28In Library Only354
Hiroshima - The Atomic Affects2017Hiroshima Bomb Committee30In Library Only932
New Dance2017Skip Blumberg25In Distribution1766
Women's Rally2017Women in FocusIn Library OnlyW0038
Fashion As A Social Control2017Women in Focus30In Library OnlyW0042
Betty Kaplowitz: Blues Singer2017Women in Focus29In Library OnlyW0045
"ti-grace Atkinson- Conversation With..."2017Women in Focus39In Library OnlyW0097
Dance Videotapes2017Laurie McDonald18:12In Library OnlyW0125
Christine's Secret2017Candida Royalle72In Distribution2052
Vanessa Kwan Compilation2017Vanessa KwanIn Distributionkwan
Animation Compilation 20072017Daniel Barrow, et alIn Distribution2984
Self Portrait / Homage To Colonel Sanders2016Michael Hayden60In Library Only0106
Lets Eat2016Randy Gledhill20In Library Only0137a
Women's Self Help Clinic2016Mo Simpson15In Library Only0140
Cotton: The Industrial Web [1/2]2016Denys Arcand60In Library Only145
Cotton: The Industrial Web [2/2]2016Denys Arcand60In Library Only146
Peace Tv2016Nelson Becker16In Library Only148
St. Francis Park Party2016Bob Phillips15In Library Only0240
Haida Dancing [1/2]2016Charles Naktong Sr.30In Library Only312
Haida Dancing [2/2]2016Charles Natkong Sr.30In Library Only313
Golden Mountain Of The Silver Screen2016KQED-TV29In Library Only345
Chinese-American Artists2016Mike Chin30In Library Only349
Coastal Bird Migration2016Tim Tierney25In Library Only392
Aspects Of Temporality2016Mark Gilliland21In Library Only0445a
Stop The Extradition2012Jan Darger20In Library Only730
Good Luck Greta2012Reel Feelings Media12In Library Only0784a
Sea's Children2012Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM026
Work Your Body2009Gay Men's Health CrisisIn Distribution1750b
Act Your Age2009Meg Torwl42:00In Distribution2508
Off Limits2008n/a55In Library Only378
NO TITLE PLEASE ENTER2008n.aIn Distribution2703
"Couch" (The Dance)2008Ken AnderliniIn Distribution2965
Winona2008Robert Hamilton5:45In Distribution3019
Lover2007Venus Soberanes8:00In Distribution2917
New Works Winter 20072007Asa Mori et alIn Distribution2926
New Queer Works Winter 20072007Daniel Barrow et alIn Distribution2927
Stuart Pound 2006-72007Stuart PoundIn Distribution2928 a-f
Bus Stop2007Stuart Pound4:43In Distribution2928 c
Hotel Sevilla2007Stuart Pound5:29In Distribution2928 a
Kissing in Hats2007Stuart Pound1:30In Distribution2928 e
Montparnasse 0012007Stuart Pound3:14In Distribution2928 b
Reverberations in time2007Stuart Pound2:18In Distribution2928 d
A day in the life of Gilbert & George2007Stuart Pound9:30In Distribution2928 f
Facing Fasd2007Heidi Slat4:00In Distribution2939
dry idea2007Velveeta Krisp2:19In Distribution2940
Mary (DS)2007Donna Szoke7:00In Distribution2942