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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Dream Delivery2018Yuan Zheng9:22In Distribution7050
Tulips are my father's favorite flower2018Nisha Platzer3:03In Distribution7049
The Art of Fugue2019Emilie Crewe16:16In Distribution7048
Watching Us2018Paige Smith7:31In Distribution7047
Esoteric (pt 2)2019Stephanie Gagne7:36In Distribution7046b
Esoteric (pt 1)2019Stephanie Gagne7:28In Distribution7046a
Reality Fragment 1609212018七个木 (Qigemu)14:02In Distribution7045
Object2017Sydney Southam6:05In Distribution7044
Konfessions of a Klabautermann2017Hardeep Pandhal12:22In Distribution7043
Sun Song2019Karen Zolo3:05In Distribution7042
Absolute Panic2019TJ Felix1:10In Distribution7041
Stick it to Me1978Kaija Pepper3:50In Library Only7040
Sun!1980Kaija Pepper2:50In Distribution7039
Tiny Girls1980Kaija Pepper3:00In Distribution7038
Rosalie1978Kaija Pepper4:06In Distribution7037
Codex1979Kaija Pepper6:03In Distribution7036
2019Valentina Alvarado Matos3:17In Distribution7034
Murky Colors2012Casey Wei47:49In Distribution7033
Red Hot Video Hates Women2019.4:21In Library Only7032
Labour / Leisure2019Ryan Ermacora19:00In Distribution7031
The Five Finger Splash2019Robert Hamilton8:47In Distribution7030
Digit Retro2019Elizabeth Vander Zaag55:00In Distribution7029
2019Keke Boyman1:36:14In Distribution7028
How Raven Stole the Sun2015Laura Carnet3:24In Distribution7027
Abyss2018Laura Carnet5:13In Distribution7026
Apophatic2019Oliver Hockenhull4:17In Distribution7023
Profecias2019Laurie McDonald3:47In Distribution7024
Crossing Over​ 2019Oliver Hockenhull2:32In Distribution7022
I Am My Own Laboratory2019Oliver Hockenhull43:00In Distribution7025
The Common Fag2019Michael V. Smith4:22In Distribution7021
mom and her music2016Rajee Paña Jeji Shergill14:56In Distribution7020
Virga Soundtrack2019Myles Black56:21In Distribution7018
Kwa̲nxwala (Thunder)2016Sarah Shamash28:00In Distribution7017
Proximity2018Emma Joye Frank2:17In Distribution7019
Supa Landed2019Michael Venus5:15In Distribution7016
Supa Snap2019Michael Venus2:28In Distribution7015
All That Is Wild2018Mackenzie Reid Rostad5:41In Distribution7014
Mother and Father2018Sahand Mohajer5:57In Distribution7013
Tesfaye (Hope)2018Daniel Negatu31:43In Distribution7012
Sensors2019Kent Tate8:30In Distribution7011
Furnace2019Kent Tate16:33In Distribution7010
Cornucopia2019Kent Tate5:50In Distribution7009
Carbon Sky2019Kent Tate14:45In Distribution7008
Scissors2017Cindy Mochizuki19:38In Distribution7007
Sue Sada Was Here2018Cindy Mochizuki9:06In Distribution7006
The Dream2012Cindy Mochizuki3:03In Distribution7005
Agora Phobia2018Andrew James Paterson4:38In Distribution7004
Six Videos About Plants2003Diane Borsato6:30In Distribution2749
Tribute to Video Inners or a New Way of Working Collectively1979Shawn Preus7:49In Distribution7003
Anti-Racist Mathematics & Other Stories: Secessio (Episode 3)2018Byron Peters18:00In Distribution7002
Anti-Racist Mathematics & Other Stories: 10-3=13 (Episode 2)2018Byron Peters12:38In Distribution7001
Dots2016Barry Doupé15:00In Distribution6099
Life and People2014Barry Doupé22:00In Distribution6098
Vhery2013Barry Doupé00:15In Library Only6097
Whaty2012Barry Doupé00:30In Distribution6096
The Colors that Combine to Make White are Important2012Barry Doupé119:00In Distribution6095
Whose toes2009Barry Doupé32:30In Distribution6094
Thalé2009Barry Doupé5:00In Distribution7000
Ponytail2008Barry Doupé92:00In Distribution6093
At the Heart of a Sparrow2006Barry Doupé29:00In Distribution6092
Distraught Mother Reunites with her Children2005Barry Doupé24:30In Distribution6091
A Boy on a Dock Blowing His Nose2004Barry Doupé15:43In Distribution6090
Dimension X2018Bryce Janssens28:41In Distribution6089
Every Day is a Gift2018Estrail Boiso2:45In Distribution6088
art rock? The Popular Esoteric2018Casey Wei1:17:30In Distribution6087
The Protagonists2018Gabi Dao8:09In Distribution6086
The Lining2018Charlotte Zhang21:05In Distribution6085
Hazel Isle2018Jessica Johnson13:32In Distribution6084
The Silence 2018Jae Woo Kang10:28In Distribution6083
Not Like Dominoes2018Don Xaliman7:27In Distribution6082
The Last Minute of My Life2018Yinglun Wang10:24In Distribution6080
Lemon Juice and Salt2016Vida Simon9:27In Distribution6081
This is DVD2018The Single Dads1:02In Distribution6079
Helen Hairdryer Chair2018Clark Nikolai2:29In Distribution6078
Lady Crayon goes to Mars2018Clark Nikolai9:30In Distribution6077
Postcard eXotica2018Diego Ramirez30:17In Distribution6076
Homage to the Faceless Woman2018Karen Zolo6:24In Distribution6075
On Being Alone2018Susanna Browne5:06In Distribution6074
This Boogie is for Real2018Stephanie Gagne3:20In Distribution6073
When Her Light is Extinguished2011Naween Noppakun10:50In Distribution6070
el otro dia (the other day)2017Carlos Yamil Neri Maldonado2:21In Distribution6072
Presenting Letters of the Alphabet: "P"2018Sarah Shamash2:02In Distribution6071
We Love Me2017Naween Noppakun13:18In Distribution6069
10th Frame2018Kent Tate1:10In Distribution6068
Against a Brick Wall2015Lauren Marsden2:58In Distribution5999
Monodramas2014Byron Peters13:22In Distribution6017
Can We Change Time2015Byron Peters10:34In Distribution6013
One2017Jeremy Zhang12:00In Distribution6067
Degeneration2015Laurence Chan1:00In Distribution5438
Circular Motion2015Laurence Chan5:48In Distribution5437
Vertical Club2015Gerard Olivier 3:08In Distribution5435
Impossible Dream2015Gerard Olivier2:48In Distribution5434
18 Carat Affair – Lonely Eyes2015Leonid Kalyadin3:29In Distribution5433
PC Museum – Model Version2014Leonid Kalyadin2:20In Distribution5432
La Primavera Spring Весна2014Leonid Kalyadin9:28In Distribution5431
Pixelord - Biorobots2014Leonid Kalyadin3:48In Distribution5430
Miami Vice – Air Deluxe2014Leonid Kalyadin2:30In Distribution5429
Rio-me porque és da aldeia e vieste de burro ao baile2014Sandra Araujo2:52In Distribution5428
Phonics Abrogate2015Erik Zepka5:22In Distribution5427
Pure Vapes2015Hannah Epstein1:15In Distribution5426