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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Light Dissolves Light Poles1977Nan Hoover30In Library Only732
like2005Donna Szoke4:30In Distribution2848
Like The Trees1973Kathleen Shannon15In Library Only492
Lil Picard "The End of the Bow-Tie"1982Michael Morris10:00In Distribution1243b
Lines2006Stephanie Loveless9:30In Distribution2918
Lion Dance1975Chinese Media Committee3In Library Only0375b
Lionels Return2002Frederick CummingsIn Distribution2616a
LIP en grève1973Alain Magron33In Library Only0183
Lip-info-lip1972Videographe33In Library Only86
Liquid Legs-a Preparation For Bioni1978Gerard Pas17In Library Only852
Lisa G. Barbie Compilation2006Lisa GIn Distribution2889
Listless2002Laurel Swenson6:11In Distribution2606
Little Fairy Hill,<br>Big Fairy Hill1973K. Kay10In Library Only0326
Little Miss Mira2000Marlene Madison43:00In Distribution2455
Little People/little School2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM119
Live Lice 1974Clive Robertson29In Library Only305
Living1998Joel Baird4:30In Distribution2438f
Living Art2001Margaret Dragu7:00In Distribution2638
Living Tree1993Zachery Longboy1In Library Only1969
Living Tree1993Zachery Longboy0:30In Distribution2698
Living With Elephants1992Susan Harman16:00In Distribution1856
Local Initiatives Program - Under The Rug Series2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM125
Loisir1975Lue Blanchard15In Library Only550
London Years2002Kim Dawn46In Distribution2659
Lone Ranger Lost in the Jungle of Erotic Desire1982Lydia Schouten18:00In Distribution1287a
Loneliness/community #22023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM118
Longshot1989Lynn Hershman72:00In Distribution1663
Look Honey...a Guerilla Girl1997Dana Claxton2:00In Distribution2249
Looking For A Job?1976Women in Focus28In Library OnlyW0058
Lookout Show1975Gerry Pethick25In Library Only496
Lord Tennyson School2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM050
Los Angeles Videoletters1975Los Angeles Feminist Video Outlet30In Library Only733
Los Popularos Compilation1982Paul Wong7In Library Only1265
Losing It1995Maureen Bradley3:00In Distribution2160
Losing: A Conversation with the Parents1977Martha Rosler18:39In Library Only878
Losing: A Conversation with the Parents1977Martha Rosler18:39In Library OnlyW0085
Lost City Found1979Randy & Berenicci20:00In Distribution1385
Lost in Space2003Tricia Middleton11:15In Distribution2683
Lotus Eaters1973Matthew Speier33In Library Only76
Lotus In The West1975Victoria Buddhist Society29In Library Only0396
Lotus Sisters1996Wayne Yung5:00In Distribution2161
Louie1970Brian Levin6In Library Only0009b
Louie Duthie Remembers Vancouver1989John Mikitka15In Distribution1645
Louise Roberts - Tilly Gataris1975BC Assn of Non-Status Indians35In Library Only0634b
Love and Numbers2004TJ Cuthand8:03In Distribution2787
Love Hotel1974Taki Bluesinger10:00In Distribution196
Love Letters 1&21995Nguyen Tan Hoang4:00In Distribution2691X
Love of Line- of Light and Shadow: The Brooklyn Bridge1982Reynold Weidenaar10:00In Distribution1106
Love/Censored/Truth2005Desiree Lim5:35In Distribution2835
Lovejoy&#39;s Nuclear War1978Green Mountain Post60In Library Only756
Lovely Corruption (After Edison)2007Oliver Hockenhull2:00In Distribution2933
Lover2007Venus Soberanes8:00In Distribution2917
Lovesong1981Videoladen0In Library Only1322d
Lucy & Harriet1991Jonathan Wells10In Distribution1910
Luis Valdovino 1990-19942023Luis ValdovinoIn Library Only2346
Lull Before The Storm (part I & II)1990Sara Diamond98In Library OnlyW0005
Lull Before The Storm: Part 1 The Forties1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1748
Lull Before The Storm: Part 2 The Fifties1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1749
Lull Before The Storm: Part 3 Women of Wood1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1800
Lull Before The Storm: Part 4 Community Acts1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1801
Lullaby For The Almost Falling Woman1996Cathy Sisler21:00In Distribution2215
Luminare1985John Sanborn7In Library Only1308
Luminous Sites1986Video In60:00In Distribution1420
Luv Ain&#39;t Tha Onlee Truth...1999Gloria Orangeena Hole9:00In Distribution2435
Lynd Drescher: Child Abuse1975In Library OnlyW0105
Ma1986Kate Craig16:30In Distribution1497
Mad About The Crazy Lady [1/2]1977Monica Holden Lawrence44In Library Only682
Mad About The Crazy Lady [2/2]1977Monica Holden Lawrence44In Library Only683
Made In Japan1981Byron Black16:55In Distribution2087c
Mae Brussel Conspiracy1972Sue Fox25In Library Only0044
Magic1998Joel Baird1:25In Distribution2438i
Magic Marker Collective197529In Library OnlyW0037
Magic Mushrooms1976Paul Tucker7In Library Only582
Magnesium: A Dance by Steve Paxton1972Steve Christiansen9In Library Only0004a
Magnetic Storm1975B. McCrimmon20In Library Only547
Mahavishnu1971Walter Wright15In Library Only0342
Mainstreet Drag Ball1985In Library Only1564
Mainstreet Tapes1976Paul Wong30:00In Distribution872
Maintenance Tape2023In Library OnlyW0109
Make-up1977Mako Idemitsu12In Library Only812
Making Fire1993Ruby Truly1:00In Distribution1920
Making It On Welfare2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM134
Making Your Own Publicity1975Gwen Bassen15In Library Only427
Mamelle #11976Norm Gould30In Library Only0586a
Mamelle #21976Norm Gould30In Library Only587
Man Made Woman: An Exploration of Reproduction Technology1989Kim Blain16:00In Distribution1644
Mandala &#39;821982Kou Nakajima27:00In Distribution1073
Maneuvers1980Jane Wright24In Library Only1047
Manif A Velo1972Video Pong15In Library Only40
Manufactured Romance Part 1: Chance For Love1982Anne Ramsden30:00In Distribution1312a
Manufactured Romance Part 2: Beauty- Passion- and Power1983Anne Ramsden20:00In Distribution1312b
Manufactured Romance Part 3: Emotional Ground1985Anne Ramsden15:00In Distribution1312c
Manzana For Manzana1983John Greyson35In Library Only1176
Maraculture: The Promise Of The Sea1981Andy Harvey29:00In Distribution0978
March Of Time And Space1974Byron Black26In Library Only207
Margaret Atwood: An Interview1975Women in Focus29In Library OnlyW0087
Margaret Mead1975Women in Focus28In Library OnlyW0062
Margaret Mead: An Interview197514In Library OnlyW0002
Margo St.james: Prostitute1974Rick Holyoke60In Library Only437
Marie Antoinette1983Rick Amis10:00In Distribution1362