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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Auditions2011Elizabeth Milton10:05In Distribution4613
This Is The Way They Make Us Bend2013Allison Hrabluik3:23In Distribution4614
Confessions of an Asian tourist2016Wayne Yung3:43In Distribution5444
My Heart the Travel Agent2010Wayne Yung1:30In Distribution5025
My Friend Martin: The Short Story About CineCycle2014Pedro Ferreira21:00In Distribution4606
No Matter Where You Go There You Are2016Pedro Ferreira80:00In Distribution4608
Fragments #52015Pedro Ferreira9:00In Distribution4607
Little Portugal 2014Pedro Ferreira3:00In Distribution4605
Acá Nada / Acá Elsewhere2016Sarah Shamash5:54In Distribution4599
Mastic2016Sara Gold3:51In Distribution4597
Pink Noise2015Charlotte Clermont 9:02In Distribution4595
Mendanit (Cure)2015Sara Noa Bozenhardt20:04In Distribution4604
Kingsgate Mall Happenings2015Casey Wei65:24In Distribution5415
Vater und Sohn / Father and Son / 父与子2014Casey Wei62:17In Distribution4591
Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things2016Mark Kenneth Woods71:00In Distribution4592
From Neurons to Nirvana: The Great Medicines2014Oliver Hockenhull109:00In Distribution4589
We Finally Know it Krinkles2016Oliver Hockenhull2:54In Distribution4588
Ways + Means2015Leslie Supnet12:44In Distribution5439
Troublemaker on the Frequency2015Clark Nikolai5:10In Distribution4587
Life Off Grid2016Jonathan Taggart85:32In Distribution4575
Ocean Falls2015Ryan Ermacora13:14In Distribution5419
Cherenkov Radiation Jewelry Box Melt Down 2015Oliver Hockenhull3:00In Distribution5448
Two Snakes2015Kristin Li9:30In Distribution5455
Moon Trail2015Alexandre Gregoire7:00In Distribution5456
Twisted Curtain2015Oliver Hockenhull11:20In Distribution5457
Memory Foam2015 Bridget Moser13:08In Distribution4572
MONITOR : NIGHT VIEW2015Pirouz Nemati03:00In Distribution4566
Rectangular World2006Andrew James Paterson09:00In Distribution4563
Eating Regular2004Andrew James Paterson08:00In Distribution4562
DOA (Remake / Remodel)2005Andrew James Paterson03:00In Distribution4561
Trophy Life2010Andrew James Paterson02:00In Distribution4560
The Enigma of S.A.P.2008Andrew James Paterson09:56In Distribution4559
A Typical Morning For Green and Blue2009Andrew James Paterson08:10In Distribution4558
12 x 262008Andrew James Paterson06:31In Distribution4557
Damned and Forgiven2007Andrew James Paterson04:09In Distribution5459
Aids Has Not Left The Building2007Andrew James Paterson00:36In Distribution5458
Line In The Sand2015Tomas Borsa80:00In Distribution5404
Concerned Aboriginal Women Occupy The Department of Indian Affairs1981Amelia Production60:00In Distribution1002
Second Sun2014Leslie Supnet3:10In Distribution5411
Wind and Snow2011Leslie Supnet4:46In Distribution5412
Killing Time2015Frederick Cummings3:26In Distribution5401
Monitor: City of Glass2015Pirouz Nemati60:00In Distribution5403
B Movie2015Jocelyn Robert7:42In Distribution5400
Monster, Monster2014Cindy Mochizuki2:21In Distribution5394
Rooftop2015Judy Jheung2:42In Distribution5397
Moving Passenger2014Judy Jheung2:49In Distribution5396
Project Eagle Feather: When They Took The Children2014Tammy Lynne Elder51:47In Distribution6049
Under The Rainbow2014Trish Garner11:44In Distribution5395
Dovetail2010Paul Wong2:49In Distribution5049
It’s Hard to Get in My System2010Duane Linklater5:42In Distribution5034
Escribiendome2013Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda14:25In Distribution5392
La Coyolchauqui2001Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda1:45In Distribution5391
Mnemonic Landscapes2004Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda9:46In Distribution5390
In The Garden2010Debora O10:00In Distribution5041
I am the art scene2010James Diamond3:00In Distribution4026
I am Into Your Fire2011Orland Gray Nutt3:50In Distribution5037
Crosscuts2011Tijmen Hauer4:00In Distribution5014
Documents for Vancouver’s Folded Timeline2012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte6:32In Distribution5384
The Snows2014Russell Wallace5:21In Distribution5378
Oppenheimer Park 22014Russell Wallace2:35In Distribution5379
Upstream2014Russell Wallace2:23In Distribution5380
Vice Versa2014Robert Hamilton2:39In Distribution5377
General Public Identity2014Robert Hamilton1:08In Distribution5376
Waterside (The Crossing)2014Russell Wallace2:38In Distribution5381
Interstitial Stillness2012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte93:00In Distribution5382
In-Between2012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte28:11/21:11/15:51/16:39In Distribution5383
South East False Creek2012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte21:11In Distribution5383a
North East False Creek2012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte28:11In Distribution5383b
Olympic Village 12012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte15:51In Distribution5383c
Olympic Village 22012Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte16:39In Distribution5383d
Hand Made Electricity2014Oliver Hockenhull07:24In Distribution5375
Robot Pavlov Sputnik2014Oliver Hockenhull07:23In Distribution5374
Sissy2014Jen Crothers03:01In Distribution5373
Blush2008Jen Crothers03:48In Distribution5372
SaltWalks: Three Movements2014Randy Lee Cutler21:16In Distribution5370
Willow Snake2014Martin Borden04:41In Distribution5369
The Weaver’s Circle2013Martin Borden09:52In Distribution5368
Doing My Rounds, Checking Some Rounds2013Emily Pelstring05:54In Distribution5367
The Alicorn2013Inflatable Deities08:05In Distribution5366
Mother Daughter Bake - Off2014Lorna Boschman06:42In Distribution5365
Anamnesia - What’s a sentient being like you doing in an incarnation like this?2013Byron Black 66:05In Distribution5364
Anamnesia - Year of the Strike, Hour of the Knife2013Curated by Donato Mancini120:00In Distribution5363
Anamnesia - Dispatches: of wrested resumption, in time and area2013Curated by Cecily Nicholson70:00In Distribution5362
Outspoken: Is the Village Dying?2013Mark Kenneth Woods49:00In Distribution5360
Blue Skies + Sunset2013Brian MacDonald5:25In Distribution5359
A Brief History of the World2012Brian MacDonald6:38In Distribution5358
You Are A Lesbian Vampire2008TJ Cuthand3:17In Distribution5357
Sight2012TJ Cuthand3:33In Distribution5356
Boi oh Boi2012TJ Cuthand9:15In Distribution5355
Just Dandy2013TJ Cuthand7:37In Distribution5354
Belated Eulogy for My Father2013Brian MacDonald2:24In Distribution5353
Supa Ficial2013Michael Venus5:20In Distribution5352
Speaking Mother Tongues2007Elizabeth Vander Zaag25:00In Distribution5351
DOA - RIP2013Flick Harrison6:00In Distribution5348
A Moving2013Flick Harrison9:45In Distribution5349
Anonymoose2012Flick Harrison3:30In Distribution5350
Chase2012Stuart Pound9:26In Distribution5344
Body. Cake. Lake.2013Michael V. Smith2:50In Distribution5338
What Self-Knowledge Is2011Paul Kajander12:19In Distribution5333
The head that will soon become a skull is already empty II2012Paul Kajander6:43In Distribution5332