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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Love and Numbers2004TJ Cuthand8:03In Distribution2787
Recollect 2004Nickolaos Stagias5:38In Distribution2788 A
Toronto- Toronto2004Mark Peacock4:16In Distribution2788 B
Closure2004Nickolaos Stagias2:44In Distribution2788 C
Scat2004Nickolaos Stagias2:44In Distribution2789
The Birthday Party2004Gwen Groening9:25In Distribution2790
Painting2004Jason Lowe14:00In Distribution2791
Out, Black + Proud in BC2004April Sumter-Freitag13:15In Distribution2792
Dad, Don't Be Mad2004Dayna McLeod9:00In Distribution2793
Bed of Fear 2004Lisa G5:25In Distribution2794
Girl On Girl 2004Miss Nomer Collective16:43In Distribution2794b
Mom On the Skytrain2004Nimi Langer8:30In Distribution2795
Desiree Lim DVD Compilation2004Desiree Lim40:00In Distribution2796
Shan Xia Di: Under The Mountain2004Wayne Yung38:00In Distribution2797
Meesoo Lee 4 Videos2004Meesoo Lee20:00In Distribution2798A -D
Trauma Queens2004Heidi Slat10:06In Distribution2800
Stranded2004Maureen Bradley3:56In Distribution2801
Get It Together Girl2004Mark Kenneth Woods5:30In Distribution2802
Mark Kenneth Woods compilation DVD2004Mark Kenneth WoodsIn Distribution2803
easy rollin'2004Hadas Levy17:15In Distribution2804
Aces and 8's2004Danaan DallasIn Distribution2805
A Miracle2004Daniel Barrow4:00In Distribution2807a
Catalogue of the Original2004Daniel Barrow9:00In Distribution2807b
Buried Treasure2004Donna Szoke4:30In Distribution2808
supra-national prayer wheel2004Nikola Marin2:45In Distribution2809
Moonshot2004Meesoo Lee4:34In Distribution2798 A
SPACESHIP 20002004Meesoo Lee3:20In Distribution2798 B
A BOY NAMED SUE2004Meesoo Lee3:44In Distribution2798 C
A BAD HAIR DAY *RE-EDIT*2004Meesoo Lee7:20In Distribution2798 D
Selected Works 1998-2004 (Duke &Battersby) DVD2004Emily Vey DukeIn Distribution2810
100% Woman2004Karen Duthie50:58Special2812
The New Freedom Founders2004Emily Vey Duke26:00In Distribution2815
Dancing For The Gods2004Mandala Arts and Culture51:00In Distribution2816
Queer Sisters In The Brotherhood2004Ellen Pond9:27In Distribution2817
Young and Sexy 2004Meesoo Lee9:11In Distribution2818 A
Would It Move You2004Shafin Karim7:36In Distribution2819
Queer DNA2004Randy Lee Cutler3:00In Distribution2822
Robert Hamilton - 4 Videos / DVD2004Robert Hamilton9:38In Distribution2826 A - D
The Race2004Robert Hamilton2:00In Distribution2826 A
Shopping Street2004Robert Hamilton2:10In Distribution2826 B
Fiets2004Robert Hamilton3:28In Distribution2826 C
Wall of Nails2004Robert Hamilton2:00In Distribution2826 D
Peuk Nepi - Meeting Waterwoman2004James Nicholas5:16In Distribution2829
to the living, the dead, and those yet unborn2004James Nicholas10:45In Distribution2830
A Girl Named Kai2004Kai Ling Xue8:30In Distribution2846
usagi2004asa mori3:50In Distribution2873
Significance2004Kathy March8:00In Distribution2874
FireWaterWood2004Kathy March15:31In Distribution2875
Sure- I'm Fine!2004Alex Young Hwa Cho16:00In Distribution2919
untitled installation tapes (1999 - 2004)2004Jayce Salloum1:18:00In Distribution2938
Recollect / Toronto- Toronto / Closure2003Nico StagiasSpecial2788 a- b- c
Lost in Space2003Tricia Middleton11:15In Distribution2683
Worst Thing Ever2003Donna Szoke0:30In Distribution2701
1000 Cumshots2003Wayne Yung0.041In Distribution2702
Mother's Son2003Sarah Butterfield25:30In Distribution2705
The Kiss and Other Movements2003Nickolaos Stagias16:00In Distribution2711
Butch2003Nickolaos Stagias6:30In Distribution2712
Elevator2003Mark Peacock15:50In Distribution2713
Hollywood Story2003Marlene Madison15:00In Distribution2714b
Going (and Coming) to Paris2003Nikola Marin16:50In Distribution2715
102003Dana Claxton8:00In Distribution2718
How to Lose a Guy2003Nickolaos Stagias5:36In Distribution2719
China2003Nickolaos Stagias5:15In Distribution2720
The Language of Mosaic2003Lisa G5:40In Distribution2721a
Bush2003Lisa G2:40In Distribution2721b
She Says2003Lisa G3:00In Distribution2721c
Black in the Middle2003Lisa GIn Distribution2721d
I Am A Conjuror 2003Emily Vey Duke8:30In Distribution2722
Curious About Existence 2003Emily Vey Duke11:00In Distribution2723
Passing (KE)2003Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)6:40In Distribution2724a
Eating Crow2003Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)5:45In Distribution2724b
Framed2003Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)4:50In Distribution2724c
Natalie Without a Cause2003Shawn Chappelle4:00In Distribution2725
Inside2003Trish Garner5:44In Distribution2727
Unkempt2003Laura Ralph13:54In Distribution2728
Blood2003Debora O7:30In Distribution2729
In Search of Truth from Banana Relationships2003Keith Suriani15:30In Distribution2730
Enter the Mullet2003Donna Lee5:30In Distribution2731
One of Those Nights2003Melinda Johnston7:20In Distribution2732
Trust 12003Lisa G2:23In Distribution2734a
Trust 22003Lisa G2:23In Distribution2734b
Trust 32003Lisa G2:23In Distribution2734c
You (you you you)2003Meesoo Lee7:21In Distribution2735 a
Sunshine2003Meesoo Lee3:58In Distribution2735 b
My Heart the Dancer2003Meesoo Lee2:40In Distribution2735 c
Tu Suhudinh2003Helen Haig-Brown12:00In Library Only2736
You Fake2003Maureen Bradley6:13In Distribution2738
My Heart the Blood Pump2003Clark Nikolai1:37In Distribution2739 a
White Palace2003Leigh (Jen) Fisher4:00In Distribution2740
Webbed 2003Laurel Swenson3:00In Distribution2741
Praise The Marys2003Mark Kenneth Woods3:00In Distribution2746
6pm in America2003Mark Kenneth Woods4:00In Distribution2747
Men On Fur On Men2003Clark Nikolai8:08In Distribution2748
No Such Animal New Animal Work2003Toni Latour14:54In Distribution2750a +b
New Animal Work2003Toni LaTour3:39In Distribution2750b
Trust (1-3)2003Lisa G7:30In Distribution2734a-c
Shop Until We All Drop2003Mark Kenneth Woods5:00In Distribution2751
Still Lives (In the Americas)2003Ho Tam20:00In Distribution2752
Nostalgia For Elevators2003Meesoo Lee33:00In Distribution2755
Automatic Music 2003Meesoo Lee3:45In Distribution2756 a