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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Introduction2007Christine Kirouac4:00In Distribution3008
Intimate Aesthetics2023In Distribution2550
Intimacies1976Cardena Warming-Up etc.etc.etc.10In Library Only0720a
Interviews With Dancers/artists With Objects2023Metro Media30In Library OnlyM152
Interviews2023Sheila Smyth28In Library Only0062a
Interview With Percy W. Bishop2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM190
Interview With Margaret Mead1976Women In Focus28In Library Only0509
Interview With Kate Millet (part I & Ii)1980Women in Focus60In Library OnlyW0013
Interview With Heronitis & Means1976Metro Media25In Library Only0620
Interview With My Dad2002Vanessa Kwan2:30In Distribution2781 b
Interview About 1960's Art In Japan1976Gann Matsushita30In Library Only668
Interview1979Daniel Dion4In Library Only0870c
International Women's Day Special1979Pat Feindel25In Library Only834
International Women's Day1997Lorna Boschman8In Library Only2374
International Festival Of Video Art1982Thierry LeBrum27In Library Only1204
Intermedia Sampler1972Michael Goldberg30:00In Distribution0067
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution1 a- b
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution0001b
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution1 a- b
Interim1977Don Druick3In Library Only712
Interaction Sampler1974Phil Shingler23In Library Only229
Inter-action England1972Werner Aellen30In Library Only111
Intellectually Asexual1980Andy Harvey7:00In Distribution0897b
Instead Of Prisons: Suicide1978Claire Culhane30In Library Only1143
Instead of Prisons: Stanford Univ.prison Experiment:instead Of Prisons1979Claire Culhane60In Library Only908
Instead Of Prisons: Managing The Systems Parts 1&21980Prisoners Right Group60In Library Only1142
Instead of Prisons: John Trudel (AIM)1979Claire Culhane30In Library Only909
Instead of Prisons: Ivan Horvat1979Claire Culhane30In Library Only0907
Instead of Prisons: Irish P.O.W. [2/2]1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only0938b
Instead of Prisons: Irish P.O.W. [1/2]1981Claire Culhane20In Library Only0938a
Instead of Prisons: Inquest Into Death Of Steve Biko1980Claire Culhane30In Library Only906
Instead Of Prisons: Gary Lake1979Claire Culhane30In Library Only0945
Instead of Prisons: Fra Mccann1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only960
Instead of Prisons: Coalition Of Native Women Sit-In @Indian Affairs1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only974
Instead of Prisons: Coalition Of Aboriginal Women1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only961
Instead of Prisons - Hard Time1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only0721
Instant Death1974Ace Space CompanyIn Library Only278
Installations By David Knox1982Andrew Krumins13In Library Only982
Installation 19841985Paul Wong6In Library Only1261
Insights Into Alcoholism1974Bud Godderis60In Library Only286
Inside Information1986Joshua Blakney3:23In Distribution2079a
Inside2003Trish Garner5:44In Distribution2727
Ins & Outs1976Ralph Hocking8In Library Only0645b
Inner Landscape - Insight Images1984Ulrike Rosenbach16:00In Distribution1221
Inn Counter 19771977Janet Miller29:00In Distribution839
Inherent Rights- Vision Rights1992Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun12:00In Distribution2228
Ingrained Legacy: Early Prarie Woodworkers1997Judith Silverthorne23:50In Library Only2330
Infraduction1982Monty Cantsin7In Distribution1432
Influences of My Mother1982Sara Diamond26:00In Distribution1052
Influences Of My Mother1982Sara Diamond25In Library OnlyW0122
Industrial Discipline And Hierarchy1974Red River Community College36In Library Only469
Individual Release1978Tom Sherman25In Library Only1317
Indifference1987Penelope Buitenhuis27In Library OnlyW0033
Indian Fishermen2023Randall Ginger28In Library Only267
Indian Culture1975Metro Media58:00In Library OnlyM107
India Hearts Beat1988Leila Sujir14:00In Distribution1705
India Hearts Beat1988Leila Sujir13In Library OnlyW0120
Independent Film and Video Alliance1993Video InIn Library Only2366
Inclinations Etendus2023In Library Only2396
Incident on Ballantyne Pier2000Elana Herman (Lupis)19:19In Distribution2496
In the Wake of Stars1991Scott Robinson7:00In Distribution1811a
In The Northwest Corner2005Nimi Langer3:30In Distribution2811
In The Event Anyone Disappears1974Videographe60In Library Only227
In the Blue Light1993Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2283
In The Beginning1991Scott Robinson4:00In Distribution1811b
In the Age of Latex Sex1991Judy Cheung6:00In Distribution
In the Absence of Heroes1984Jayce Salloum43:00In Distribution1208
In Ten Sity1979Paul Wong24:00In Distribution0867
In Search of Truth from Banana Relationships2003Keith Suriani15:30In Distribution2730
In Praise of Non Representation1982Neil R. Armstrong20:00In Distribution1027
In Living Memory1997Amy Gottlieb14:00In Distribution2246
Improvisations Trouvees1981Michael Morris14In Distribution1262a
Impermanence2002Venus Soberanes6:00In Distribution2914
Immortality1987Andrew James Paterson28In Distribution1740b
Immersed2007Portia Priegert3:50In Distribution2993
imMaterial2007Stephanie Loveless5:10In Distribution2950
Imagined Self1990Nikki Forrest5:00In Distribution1803
Imagination Of The Street1984Terry Harasym15In Distribution1514d
Images - Voice2023In Library OnlyW0112
Images - Stereotypes2023In Library OnlyW0092
Images - Kids And Comics2023In Library OnlyW0094
Images - D.t. Outside2023In Library OnlyW0093
Image Manipulation1973Stan Fox10In Library Only0005
Image Bank Colour Research1974Byron Black30In Library Only331
IMAG Youth 2001 Compilation2001IMAG0:25:00In Distribution2668a,b,c,d,e
Illusion1976Black Rose Theatre19In Library Only637
III1989Joe Sarahan11:00In Distribution1664
If I Were A Carpenter202328In Library OnlyW0077
Ideology & Nature1978Fabio Mauri55In Library Only742
Identity1992Ling Chiu4:00In Distribution2008
Ideal/na(rra)tion1994Yau Ching (a)4:00In Distribution2138
Iceland1971Woody Vasulkas14In Library Only0224b
Ice Skate Canada2007Mark Peacock1:57In Distribution3005
Icarus Landed 1993Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2281
Icarus1983Danielle Depeyre0In Library Only1260d
Iberian Folk/burnaby Coop/wounded Knee Open Studio1973Metro Media31In Library OnlyM186
Iberian Folk Evening2023Metro Media30In Library OnlyM157
I'll Bet You Ain't Never Seen Noth'n Like This Before1980Rodney Werden36:00In Distribution1019
I'm With You True Blue1980Neil R. Armstrong20:00In Distribution1026
I'm Telling2000Kim A. Hines14:20In Distribution2509